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Juvenile Delinquency Home Study Webinars

Keith Hannan, Ph.D. earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Auburn University in 1989. He has worked with adolescents in a variety of settings including inpatient psychiatric units, community mental health centers, private practice, and juvenile services facilities for both boys and girls. He served as the Director of Behavioral Health Services for a juvenile services facility for girls. In this capacity, he provided clinical supervision for mental health staff, designed behavior management systems, and consulted with administrative staff. He is currently conducting post-adjudicatory evaluations with adolescent offenders for the courts in Maryland. He has conducted over 1000 such evaluations. He has participated in the training of many psychologists. In addition, he has assisted in training direct care staff in numerous facilities for juvenile offenders.
What We Know About Acting Out Teens Home Study(6 CE's)
Presenter: Keith Hannan, Ph.D

“This may have been the best training overall I have seen in the 30 years of my professional life. If not the best, then clearly in the top five. Dr. Hannan maintained the pace and energy and held my attention for six hours, no mean feat whatsoever. Hats off to him!.”-James B. Counselor, Armed Forces

In this webinar, Keith Hannan, Ph.D will talk about the diagnosis and treatment of disruptive behavior disorder.  He will help you distinguish between benign mischievousness and malignant antisocial behavior.  He will explore the literature on delinquency in girls.  There will be a review of risk assessment.  Information will also be presented on the cognitive style and deficits of delinquent youth.  He will present a model for effective psychotherapeutic intervention.

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