Continuing Education for Psychologists
Continuing Education for Social Work
Continuing Education for Counselors
Continuing Education for Nurses

Oregon State Continuing Education Requirements for Psychologists, Social Work and Counselors

This chart shows the continuing education requirements for the state of Oregon for each discipline. Where noted, webinars provided by TZK Seminars are accepted in this jurisdiction.
License Type Required CEs/2 years Special Requirements Do They Accept TZK Programs? Renewal Date Board Phone Number
Psychology 40 4 Ethics Yes 503-378-4154;JSESSIONID_OARD=k3fUkd-KbzXCnwvCUk9Bz6_WbZaeRomcfS3orSVEy3YsVRWv-wCQ!-330355351?selectedDivision=3998
Social Work 40 6 Ethics Yes 503-378-5735
Counseling 40 6 Ethics Yes 503-378-5499

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