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Guideline For Cultural Competency in Practice with Children and Families Home Study (3 CEs)

“I thought this was among the best of the webinars in which I have participated. Presented did thorough research and was very knowledgeable in the area. I learned/relearned aspects of dealing with my clients originating from other parts of the world.”-Gary C., Psychologist, Texas

This course will satisfy your cultural diversity requirement.

Cultural competence in providing mental health treatment is one of the most overlooked issues amongst today’s psychologists. This workshop will provide a brief review of relevant research and models of cultural competency in the practice of psychology, highlighting common challenges for both practitioners and clients. Worldview differences pertaining to race, ethnicity, and religion and its implications for the therapeutic relationship will also be discussed. Specific implications related to child, adolescent, and family therapy will be explored. Practical skills will be offered to clinicians seeking ways of understanding their clients’ cultural values and creating a safe environment for therapy as it applies to children and adolescents. Experiential exercises will be included to bring to light how cultural group membership may not be visible or considered in working with clients. Participants will then be given opportunities to learn how to apply reviewed theories in practice using case examples.

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